"John Stevenson is a mature pastor, whose experience in the ministry of music, writing, teaching and leading people into the presence of God is rich in its broad embrace of a multitude of genre. He is not a novice and deserves to be heard in what it means to be a true worshiper. John could wear without pretension the “Been there – done that!” t-shirt."

Bishop Joseph L. Garlington, Sr.
Senior Pastor
Covenant Church of Pittsburg

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This highly anticipated latest book release  is a prophetic edict from the heart of the Father to reconnect His people with His desire for true worship.  It will help the Body of Christ return to a more biblically accurate perspective on what it means to be a worshiper.  Learn more

With a catalog of impactful worship music, John strives to keep making music that is relevant to the Christian experience and God's love for us.  He writes music that meets you just where you are and ushers you into God's healing presence.  This is the focus behind "The Tipping Point".  With moving musical expression, and a fresh sound, John delivers an album that is a perfect blend of his new direction with the worship experience that has endeared him to so many.
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A night of powerful praise and worship recorded live at Christ Emmanuel Christian Fellowship located in Cincinnati, Ohio where Bishop Michael E. Dantley is the Senior Pastor. The evening included the 120 voice choir of CECF along with a host of the finest musicians in the area, and 2000 worshipers in attendance. 

Our prayer is that you will be blessed by this worship experience. Our objective and vision is to produce worship projects and other resources that will glorify God and assist the believer in their pursuit of Him.

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Hear My Heart is a collection of intimate songs of worship written and recorded by John W. Stevenson. With the help of a few of his close friends, John has once again released a worship project that affords the listener the opportunity to enter into a place of majesty, encouragement, peace and rest. John’s music is excellent in its production, eclectic in style and well received by many around the world! You will be tremendously blessed by songs like “Hear My Heart”, “My Heart Is Your Throne”, “Sovereign Lord”, and the very personal “You Will See Me Through This Too”. 

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From the moment we met and worked on my first project we knew it was God ordained for us to work together. Simeon is a gifted and anointed musician, arranger and producer who has the incredible ability of bringing out the best in a song.

We invite you to enter into a place where the songs of worship take on a new dimension as the world, with all of its voices and distractions, fades away and "His Melodies and His Hands" comes through. It is with great joy that I present to you my dear friend and brother.....Simeon Amburgey.
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John W. Stevenson's Latest
 Teaching Series!
The Church, the Body of Christ, is in a paradigm shift.  The church is being perfected and transformed to show forth The Glory of the Lord in the earth.  There is an awakening and a stirring in the heart and mind of the believer to no longer be satisfied with hearing the stories of past moves of God.  We want to see them NOW!

DVD from the International Worship Institute.
"Self-Imposed Limitations are limitations based on how we think about ourselves and our surroundings. 
They are usually thoughts of being inferior, inadequate, or unprepared.  They are thoughts that lead to feelings of intimidation,  fear, fear of rejection, fear of failure and insecurities.    They are thoughts and feelings that once brought down reveal that the basis for them was false and unfounded."

In this dynamic message John shares that through the power of the Holy Spirit, we can walk free of our self imposed limitations and then walk in the freedom and grace of God to fulfill the purpose and call on our lives as believers!
There is a process that God will take each of us through if we are willing to cooperate.  It is this process that will bring you into a place of maturity and prepares us to manifest His Glory.   We will grow through this process numerous times as we grow and mature in faith.  God is preparing a people who will not only reveal, but carry His glory.  Understanding this process will help each of us endure seasons of transition.  In this powerful message John shows each of us are in some step of the Lord's process to bring us to a place of maturity in Him and His manifestation in our lives. 

Separation, Purification,  Consecration,  Maturation, Impartation,  Utilization ..... His Manifestation!